Tricia Watson

Attorney-at-Law, Moderator

Tricia Watson has over 25 years' experience as a practising Attorney-at-Law. Tricia has substantial experience as in-house counsel at technology based companies, and honed her expertise as regulatory counsel over twenty years at Cable & Wireless and as a private practitioner providing regulatory advice and services to private sector clients and the Government of Barbados.

Tricia provides corporate, commercial, regulatory and compliance services to small, medium and large companies. She also provides professional services to the Government of Barbados. Tricia participated in the Government of Barbados' initial Telecommunications Working Group established in 1999 to design a national telecommunications policy and legislative framework to enable liberalisation of the sector, and had responsibility for preparing drafting instructions for the current Telecommunications Act and draft regulations. She has since sat on the Working Group to update the Telecommunications Act and associated legislation.  Tricia's utility regulation expertise was also brought to bear as first ever Chair of the Barbados Light and Power advisory Committee (2015 - 2017). As a consultant, she has advised the Government of Barbados on legal and regulatory and policy matters related to the liberalisation and modernisation of the electricity sector.

In addition to her legal qualifications, Tricia holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Durham, Durham Business School and has trained extensively in telecommunications regulation, utility regulation, competition law, and international arbitration, legislative drafting, regulation and policy.

Tricia is a former moderator of Barbados' leading current affairs radio programme, Down to Brasstacks. She continues to moderate online public discussion and education fora.