Raymond Haynes

FA Director, Deloitte

Raymond is an FA Director with a focus on clients in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Raymond brings over 15 years of international experience serving government, corporate and private equity clients on complex financial advisory engagements.
With a wealth of corporate finance and financial advisory experience, Raymond has advised key stakeholders on assignments involving M&A advisory, valuation analyses, corporate restructuring, due diligence, financial analyses and modelling, and capital raising spanning a number of clients and industries including banking and insurance.

9:15 - 10:15 A.M.

Friday 12th Nov

Supply Chain and Business in Barbados and the Caribbean

With the onset of the pandemic, the global supply chain had seen disruption like never before. Anyone going to the supermarket has seen not only an increase in overall prices, but often a scarcity of goods on the shelves. But this is not limited to the retail and distribution sector only, but throughout the economy. Are there any opportunities for business from this global crisis?