Ronaele Dathorne-Bayrd

Corporate Services Leader, PwC East Caribbean (Barbados Office)

Ronaele is a partner of the PwC East Caribbean firm based in Barbados. She is the Environmental Social and Governance Leader for the East Caribbean firm and the Tax and Legal Services Leader for the Caribbean Region. She is an Attorney-at-Law, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Canada and holds an LLM Masters in Corporate and Commercial Law with an emphasis on Corporate Governance.

She has extensive experience in the examination and implementation of international Corporate Governance best practice, having led teams in the provision of engagements for Board Assessments and Board training for Barbados and regional conglomerates. This has included in depth evaluation interviews for boards of directors of companies based in Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad and the Cayman Islands.

Ronaele has spent 21 years in corporate practice with respect to local companies, international business companies, societies with restricted liability, international financial institutions and exempt insurance companies including the provision of corporate advisory support in the maintenance, structuring and restructuring of multinational corporations.

She has acted for both local and international clients from inception, throughout the start-up period and into the life of the entity. She has a wealth of experience in incorporation, external registration, re-domiciliation and dissolution proceedings as well as in the sale, restructuring and amalgamation of local, regional and international entities. She often advises directors and shareholders on rights, duties, obligations and corporate legislation, practice and procedure.

11:25 A.M. - 12:05 P.M.

Friday 12th Nov

Environmental, Social and Governance and Integrated Reporting

What is the purpose of ESG and Integrated Reporting? Gone are the days when an organization could simply record good deeds in a corporate social responsibility report or annual report. As environmental, social and governance issues continue to evolve as a top priority for investors, companies must determine what to disclose so that it outlines risks, but also highlights business possibilities.  Today, ESG issues are prompting companies to integrate financial data with sustainability data to give investors a better picture of corporate risks and materiality, corporate strategy, and long-term value.  So how can companies get ahead of this and have a greater impact on shareholder engagement? The answer lies in integrated reporting.