Shane Ram

Chief Executive Officer, GoFor10

Shane Ram is a former C-Suite Executive turned Strategic Advisor and Coach to CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Shane works with CEOs, Senior Executives, corpora-tions, 6-7 Figure business owners and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, be-come better leaders and live more fulfilling lives. He is the author of Future Ready Leadership, a book that provides the 8 Must Have Strategies for leaders to Thrive in an uncertain and volatile future.
At the age of 31 Shane became a C-Suite Executive and helped organisations with employees from 70 different countries to manage through disruptive change and rapid growth. As head of the corporate university, Shane trained senior leaders in coaching, HRM and leadership which resulted in managers becoming better CEOs and executives with giant leap in leadership capabilities fostering company growth.

From Shane’s years of experience training and coaching senior leaders and entrepreneurs, he found that most people are playing at a level way below their potential and are settling for less than they deserve, Shane created Don’t Settle for 7, Go for 10! The program provides a much-needed blueprint for leaders and entrepreneurs to increase their wealth, and build global businesses, create confidence and reach their highest potential emotionally and financially. His strikingly effective coaching process shows individuals and corporate teams how to create he personal lives they want while becoming a megastar at work.

Shane has travelled extensively training and speaking and is a regular at Gobal Conferences and Podcasts. He has shared the same stage with people like Malcolm Gladwell, Sharon Lechter and Bob Burg. He also pitched to Kevin Harrington (the Original Shark from Shark Tank). He has trained and consulted in the UK, Africa, USA, Middle East, Canada, India, Central America, South Pacific and most Caribbean countries.

Shane holds a Masters Degree in eBusiness from the University of Surrey and a Masters in Strategic Thinking from Edinburgh Business School.

12:05 - 12:50 P.M.

Friday 12th Nov

Be Future Ready: How to Grab Possibilities with Purpose and Passion