Robotic Crawler 

HDRSL incorporated Robotic crawlers several years ago after request from clients for inspections in areas which our drones could not get into and made a quantum leap with the acquisition of an Inuktun  Versatrax (VT) 150 .

The Versatrax 150™ (VT150) pipe crawler system is a robust workhorse designed for the inspection of long pipelines, tunnels, culverts and other confined areas with a limited number of access points. The VT150 is offered with two standard chassis configurations: in-line for smaller diameter pipes, and a steerable parallel setup for larger pipes or open areas.

This low maintenance crawler is simple to deploy and can be used both underwater and in dry applications making it ideal for in-service conditional assessments of sewers and storm drains and a range of other pipework found in the oil and gas and petrochemical upstream and downstream sectors. Ease of use, operational power and unmatched reliability make the Versatrax 150™ an ideal tool for your unique inspection

  • Pipeline Inspections (20”—72”)
  • Tank Inspection
  • Caisson Inspections
  • Drop Camera Pipe Inspections (8” +)

Versatrax 150™

Following are the equipment specs:

  • Depth Rating: 60m / 200ft
  • Maximum Tether Length: 500m / 1,650ft
  • Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute
  • Vehicle Payload: 75kg / 165lb
  • Front Facing Camera: Spectrum 90
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-50° C / 32°-122° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 40kg / 88lb (with brass Minitracs™)
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 737x343x493mm

Troglotrek Robotic Crawler

Following are the equipment specs:

  • Depth Rating: 112m / 367ft
  • Maximum Tether Length: 300m / 984ft
  • Maximum Speed: .5m / 1.6ft per second
  • Front Facing Camera: 540 TVL lines
  • Rotation: Endless Panning/Tilting (285° useable)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-50° C / 32°-122° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 5.7kg to 15kg / 12.5lbs to 33lbs (configuration dependant)
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 310mm Length x 82mm Width x 71mm Height